Davidson reflects on season to remember as double GT Cup champion


Wednesday 8th November 2017


Coming in to the 2017 GT Cup championship, Graham Davidson had a handful of races under his belt, and despite taking ownership of a race and championship-winning car, was merely hoping to finish the first weekend with some podiums to build on.


Six months and 23 races later, the Scot had an outstanding 15 wins under his belt and two championship titles – Group GTO and Overall honours – to his name. He opened the year with six straight victories and would not look back.


“It’s fantastic,” said Davidson. “It’s been a great year. We haven't had the lows the other guys have had, but that's down to the car being so reliable and the team we’ve had around us. Jetstream Motorsport has done such a great job; we haven't thrown loads of people and money at it, we get on well as a group and we know what needs to be done.”


Despite his increasing domination, he pushed the limits of his McLaren MP4 12/C in July, suffering a huge accident in testing at Donington Park, going through the tyre barriers at the Old Hairpin and making contact with the concrete wall behind. Davidson woke up in hospital with no recollection of the previous few weeks, and needed pins in one of his fingers.


“I had a crash at Donington on a test day which almost destroyed the car, but three weeks later we were back on the grid at Oulton Park,” he recalls. “Jetstream did a great job, and McLaren GT and McLaren Automotive helped us out as well. The hospital put me back together and I was very lucky it didn't ruin the season. I had to teach myself to drive again and it was a tricky couple of months.”


He would admit to being tentative back in the car in Cheshire, and still took victory in one of the two races that day, but struggled to find the pace at Snetterton in August. It wasn’t until Donington Park in September that the 32-year old felt comfortable at the wheel again, and he dug deep to end the season on a high.


“I owe the guys a lot for the season we’ve had. It’s going to take a few weeks to sink in!” he says. “Matt Bell helped us at Snetterton [in October] and it was good to finish up with some coaching and see what to expect if I team up with a pro. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to get in the car and do good times so I haven't needed a huge amount of coaching to get going.


“The GT Cup is the best introduction and progression path for someone new coming in to racing, to achieve all that they would want to. I started with a Noble at the back of the grid. You don’t need a big race truck with hundreds of people and thousands of pounds, you can do it on a small budget. You’re welcomed with open arms, you fit in, and have good fun. I wanted to do it with GT Cup. It’s been the perfect year. I’m so glad I did it; I found the confidence in myself, achieved the championship, and hopefully I can move on.”

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